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Centerpiece Ideas- “Ladies Birthday”

Diane's 50th Birthday 019 for blog(click photos to enlarge)

Here and there I will be posting ideas for centerpieces and I wanted to share this one with you. It is very dear to my heart and was the centerpiece at my 50th birthday party (not that long ago)

I saw these Zebra handbag COOKIE JARS one afternoon while shopping in Neiman Marcus and knew I had to buy them immediately. This had to be a sign from God. Two of my favorite things -animal prints and handbags wrapped up in one. So yes, cookie jars were the inspiration for my birthday centerpieces. I bought all they had and brought them to the florist to be filled with some of my favorite flowers.

The big tip I can give you here is “think outside the box” for your decorations and party plans. Every centerpiece that involves flowers does not have to be a vase (remember the batter bowl from my dessert party ?) Anything can become a centerpiece with a little imagination.

As you can tell the theme for my party was handbags (another collection of mine, and we won’t even start on my shoe collection- you don’t have that much time). Needless to say there were multiple favors in the handbag theme (some could say I got carried away, although that someone would never be me)

My invitation is in the shape of a handbag and too hard to describe because there are multiple pieces. I don’t have a picture for you right now because it is tucked away in a memory box in the attic and I will post it at a later date.


Below are some of the favors I purchased for my party 

Use these ideas for your “handbag” themed party

To start with, I bought

Handbag place card holders

I filled these with Jordan Almonds (they are not just for Italian weddings)

handbag place card holder for blog 2

Handbag manicure sets

Perfect size to keep in a desk drawer at work, a suitcase or a large tote bag

handbag manicure set for blog- use

Handbag hooks to keep your bag off the floor

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of putting my bag on the floor at a restaurant.

handbag hooks for blog

Even the cake was shaped like a handbag (It was a red velvet cake if you’re wondering) Burberry products and I are very good friends; (just ask my husband) so there was no question that the cake had to be a Burberry bag

Diane's 50th Birthday bday cake for blog

The party was just perfect and it was fantastic to share the time with the ladies in my life that I love so much and who are so dear to me. Every one special in their own way.

Celebrations are so wonderful to share with family and friends. Making new memories and spending time together. When you are planning your next party and have decided on a theme- run with it. Have some fun and think outside the box.

I hope this centerpiece was an inspiration for some future birthday parties, ladies luncheons and bridal showers…

If you do use any of my tips, please send me some photos. I would love to see your ideas

Until my next post, stay well…

Valentine’s Day tablescapes will be posted this weekend…