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DSC_0868--- 60th BIRTHDAY- for facebook about me

Hi, my name is Diane and I am a wife and mother obsessed with party planning, collecting dishes, cooking and tablescapes. Many of my friends call and ask me to email them pictures of some of my tablescapes and give them ideas for party planning, party favors and recipes, so I decided to start this blog to post my pictures and tips for all to see—because every day is a celebration!

This blog is dedicated to my mother and best friend. She was the perfect hostess who started me on the path to loving dishes and entertaining.

My favorite piece from my collection of dishes is the tea pot that my Mom used every day for the two of us when my sisters went off to school. Today it is proudly displayed in my kitchen, reminding me of Mom every day.

2015-01-25 13.23.16

I hope you enjoy the pictures, the recipes, the stories and general tips…..


22 thoughts on “About Me

    1. verna belgrave

      Oh My God, this is so you, I too like to entertain, but definately need new ideas. I will most definately be using your ideas to compliment what I do. Thank you so much for sharing…


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    1. Merrill Link

      I m so happy that you followed-up on this beautiful idea.
      You are so talented and generous to share this gift with
      everyone. The teapot is the essence of your Mom. She was so
      petite and feminine. I really appreciated the analogy. Best of everything.
      You can be sure I will be taking advantage of your recipe tips and table
      settings at my house.
      Love, Merrill

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  1. Georgia

    Beautiful Diane! Best of luck with this site. I just love you floral arrangement that you just threw together!! Looking forward to all of you tablescapes to come! Lots of love, Georgia

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  2. Angela

    Good luck Diane!!!! What a fantastic concept & what an eloquent writer! I know you will have lots of followers because there are so many people that are clueless when it comes to party planning &/or table settings! Looking forward to your Valentine’s Day theme ☺️💖

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Linda Terranova

    What a wonderful site from a beautiful and talented woman. Your tablescapes are amazing. I look forward to more. Love, Linda


    1. aries041158 Post author

      Thank you Linda, that is so sweet of you. I am glad that you like the blog, it is a lot of fun for me. Have a very Happy Birthday! Hope to see you soon


  4. Bob R.

    Thanks for bringing back so many happy memories of my Mom’s cooking. We’re going to try some of these wonderful recipes, and will think of you while we’re enjoying the results!
    Bob and Janet


  5. Marla

    Love the Blog, Diane. I too Love to try new recipes, and put out a pretty table. I am looking forward to seeing the pretty table scapes and wonderful recipes. Best of luck. Marla.



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