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Celebrate Life…my 3rd post-heart transplant Heartiversary!

Hi Everyone,

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Today I am celebrating my 3 years post-heart transplant with the love of my life Bob (aka my angel on earth who I adore every single moment) …….. and I wanted to send my deepest love and gratitude to all my family, friends, DishingwithDiane members and prayer warriors for all the caring and support since this cardiac journey began.

I cannot explain how much you all mean to me and how you have helped me get through some dark days, stressful days, made me laugh and gave me the extra push and strength to go on and try to fight and become a warrior.

A heart transplant is much more than getting a new part, it’s a lifelong commitment to a new and often challenging lifestyle.

I also want to stop and say a prayer for my donor (whoever he or she is) along with their family for being so generous and loving in their time of grief to give the gift of life to a stranger. I am truly blessed and honored to be chosen and I will give my everything to take care of this precious gift.

And a major thank you to the incredible team of doctors and nurses at Columbia Presbyterian Transplant Center in NYC, who devote their lives to saving others.

So, on this 1,095th day of my second chance at life, I just want to say thank you to all….

And never give up hope, work hard, be determined, be kind and thoughtful, love each other, don’t sweat the small stuff, see beauty in every day and believe me, “miracles” do happen every day so smile, believe in the good, and enjoy each day.

Love you, Diane

Juniors strawberry swirl Cheesecake


Until my next post, make every day a celebration!

Stay well,