Kudos to Debra!

Hi Everyone,

I am having such a great week with members making some of my recipes and having great results. It gives me great joy to share their successes.

Debra Vanderheiden, posted that she made the Trapanese Sauce and she was very happy with the outcome.

Below is her comment and photos…

I came across Diane Kantor’s Pesto Trapanese and thought I’d give it a try! Especially since along with all my herbs, I bought a large tub of cherry tomatoes at Costco and needed to use them. The only difference is I used half basil and half parsley. It turned out so good!

“Hi Diane! I just love your blog and all your great recipes! I saw this post for Pesto Trapanese and couldn’t resist trying it. I did use half basil and half Italian parsley and upped the crushed chiles just a bit. Oh my, is it ever wonderful! I love being creative with pesto recipes and this is yet another one in my recipe box! Thanks again! You are truly an inspiration!”

Debra’s Trapanese looks wonderful- great job!

(My original recipe posted 9/28/21)

Until my next post, make every day a celebration!

Stay well,


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