Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

Hi Everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day !

I hope you are all well and I wish you many blessings not only for Valentine’s Day but for a lifetime of LOVE, health and happiness!

This year is a little different for celebrating for all of us with the pandemic. Many restaurants in our area have opened up for indoor dining but I am not quite feeling confident with going out to eat, so Bob and I chose to celebrate at home.

We celebrated yesterday so I could prepare this post for you and we had a theme of “heart shaped” food for every meal. We started with heart shaped waffles, heart shaped pizza, heart shaped ravioli and ended with a heart shaped cake for dessert (raspberry mouse and chocolate).

I hope you have a wonderful day and tell the ones you LOVE how much they mean to you; if they are with you in person, a phone call away, a zoom celebration or a text. The smallest gesture can mean the most to someone. (It happened to me today and I will share with you at the end of the post).

So the following is our Valentine’s Day in pictures. I hope it gives you some inspiration.

Breakfast – chocolate chip heart shaped mini waffles with scrambled eggs with chives & berries….

Lunch– heart shaped deep dish pizza….

Dinner– heart shaped ravioli (served with a side salad -not shown)

Dessert – And last but not least, heart shaped raspberry mousse and chocolate cake.


Until my next post, make every day a celebration!!!

Stay well,



And here is the story that made my day today…… a friend I made on a food group many years ago wished me Happy Valentine’s Day today in such a special way that touched my heart so deeply that I had to share. His name is Joe Pinto and he sent this to me on Facebook this morning that made me cry because of his genuine lovely sentiment (so the smallest gesture can brighten a person’s day).

Here is what he wrote:

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all my family and friends but there is one person I like to single out. Two years ago I made her a special cake in her honor. We were friends in a different group and she went in for a Heart ❤ Transplant. Today, two years later she is here cooking and baking up a storm. Happy Valentine’s Day and God Bless You Diane Kantor

May be an image of dessert and indoor

I will be forever grateful to Joe for his thoughtfulness and kindness. Love you too Joe….. Diane 2.0 (my nickname for having a 2nd heart).

Have a great day everyone…..

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