Daily Archives: November 20, 2020

Update from Diane …

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take the time to explain my absence.

A lot has happened this past week. First of all, I had an eye infection that caused an emergency visit to the eye doctor for medication and then followed by a PCP visit……After that, my husband was rushed to the hospital with chest pains after his nightly exercise routine and it turned out that he had a small blockage that was repaired with the addition of an implanted stent and he is home now and feels good as new.

Just when you thought life was back to normal and I could start my Thanksgiving prep, I had my routine quarterly post transplant check-up and told the doctor about my ordeal with the eye doctor waiting in the public waiting room for over two hours to see a doctor, my husband’s medical scare and the twenty paramedics that were in my house (and I couldn’t remember if they all had gloves and a mask on) and she wanted to give me a Covid 19 test to be on the safe side….

Well, in true 2020 fashion I tested POSITIVE for Covid. I was very upset and shocked being an organ transplant patient that always follows all the rules about masks and social distancing. I had no symptoms except a headache that I thought was just stress from my husband’s medical situation. It seems that someone that I encountered did not take proper precautions toward the safety of others.

So now I am in isolation at home with mild symptoms and hoping it doesn’t get worse. I have lost my sense of taste and smell and I do not have a fever or a cough. I ask for a small prayer and I will be back stronger than ever with more tablescapes and recipes.

Wishing you and your family, many blessings, and good health this Thanksgiving. Stay well and stay safe,