So glad to be back…..I deeply missed you


thankful heart THANKFUL HEART

Hi Everyone, 

How are you? I hope that everyone is safe and well and that your families are doing well.

I cannot tell all of you how much I missed you and missed preparing the posts and reading your comments and having such wonderful conversations regarding food and tablescapes.

 I would like to fill you all in on what has happened to me during my months away and let you know that I haven’t abandoned you or the blog. I will be back in full force but it will take a little time so I am starting off slow with recipes.

Since my last post which seems like ages ago; not only did our country get hit with this awful Covid19 pandemic, I had personal health issues as well that prevented me from coming back to the blog.

My new heart showed rejection after 15 months (a surprise to all of us but it happens) and I had no choice but to be admitted to the hospital under the careful watch of the transplant team and heavy doses of very strong anti-rejection medications. I spent 10 days in the hospital and Bob was not allowed to be there with me in the hospital or see me for the entire stay. There was a no visitor policy in the hospital due to Covid19 so this was a solo experience and the longest that Bob and I have been apart in all our 35 years together.

After 10 days of treatment and awful side effects, the transplant team came in to tell me that the rejection has cleared and they could send me home on very strong oral medications that I need to be on for at least the next 4 months (along with all the wicked side effects I have been going through). I will have to have additional medical testing and blood work every week along with telehealth appointments with my doctors until I have to be back in the hospital for my next biopsy to check on the rejection status. I need to have readings of no rejection for three biopsies in order to change my medication once again and head down the path of recovery. I am so grateful that this hospital nightmare has ended and I am able to come home to Bob. It was very difficult being away from Bob and only able to facetime a few times a day and my heart went out to all the other patients and families in nursing homes, assisted living and group homes that can’t see their loved ones in person. 

My heart also went out to all the families who lost loved ones from the pandemic because I had a front-row seat to the tragedy that was happening in the hospital and I was scared to death that I would become sick from that as well but the hospital had me in isolation. May the victims rest in peace with the angels and their families find strength. My takeaway from this hospital stay was please wear a mask and practice social distancing – this is not a hoax or a joke. Follow science because this is real and scary and protect yourself, your family (especially the vulnerable), and your neighbors. As the saying goes, “we are all in this together”.

It is going to take us a little time to get the new schedule together and sort out the medications and new restrictions as we face this new step of the healing journey. But we have been faced with challenges before and we will keep going forward and try to remain strong and positive together. A small price to pay for the gift of life and having the ability to be alive for more years with the people I love.

I am sure that before you knew me, many people thought that once a new organ is received, all is well and you are good as new and that is not the case. Transplant is not a quick fix to normal that happens after a new organ and the precious gift of life has been granted and received, but a daily struggle to stay healthy with many restrictions to get the best outcome. Most people don’t realize that the life of a transplant patient is not unlike our lives under Covid-19 protocols – isolation, masks, gloves, disinfectants, constant hand washing, social distancing, and constant vigilance is just a way of life for a transplant patient and can become overwhelming at times. The world now lives like a transplant patient and everyone can agree it’s not easy.

However, it is truly a miracle and I am so blessed to have a fabulous transplant team and one of the best hospitals to rely on for their care and expertise. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today and I think of that every day of my life and thank God for my blessings that I am one of the lucky ones.

just wanted to say thank you for following my journey from the very beginning and for all your love, prayers, and constant support. I am not just saying the words, I deeply feel your love. It truly means the world to me, Bob, and Michael. You are our family and you give us the strength to go on, step by step, and day by day. We couldn’t do this without you.

I love you all very much and I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to have each and every one of you in my life- my prayer warrior family (and BTW- you do great work. Our prayers have been answered).

So, let me settle in and have a good happy cry and I will keep you posted.

Stay safe, stay well, and appreciate each day and each other.

With my deepest love, 



20 thoughts on “So glad to be back…..I deeply missed you

  1. Carol Longo

    Diane, sharing your journey is a privilege. Your words are so moving. Your appreciation for your chance for a new life speaks volumes for the person you are. At times, I get a little tired of social media….but then I remember it is how I first “met” a tough lot cookie called Diane Kantor. I continue to pray for you. I know the prayers from your MANY friends and admirers are working, but I truly believe your personal strength coupled with the support of your wonderful husband and son, are the foundation of the tower of strength that surrounds you. Much love to you, Bob and Michael. Carol

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  2. Eleanora Galizia

    Diane, God Bless you as you continue your Journey and allow us to follow along. The strength you show, through your writings is an inspiration to so many of us. Keep fighting your fight and we will keep our Prayers and Good thoughts coming your way.

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  3. Rosie M.

    Thank you for posting again, Diane. I, too, have had cardiac issues requiring hospitalization during this frightening time, and know the extra stress one feels. Please know I’m sending you healing thoughts and prayers. Your courage you show is an inspiration and I hold your words close to my heart. I look forward to your next post. Please know all of us will be sending you extra strength on your journey to complete recovery.

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    1. aries041158 Post author

      Thank you so much Rosie for your kind words and your prayers- deeply appreciated. I hope that your medical issues are resolved and you too are on the road to good health.


  4. Susan Anninos

    So glad to hear you are home again and on the mend! And you are so right about how we are all living the life of a transplant patient. I hope this makes people thankful for their good health and that they take precautions during this pandemic. I also hope it motivates people to become organ donors (I’ve had it on my license for years). Stay safe and healthy! Sending you prayers!

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    1. aries041158 Post author

      Thank you Susan for your caring and prayers. I hope my post will give people a better view of organ transplants and wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people became donors. One donor can help eight individuals. Stay well.



    Thank God you are at home and recovering. Keeping you in my prayers that you will continue on the road to good health.




  6. Susan Cassano

    So glad you are doing better, Diane. I cannot imagine how terrifying and lonesome it was for you during your hospital stay. This is indeed a tough time, and the added issues and stress compound it. Sending prayers for your continued healing, Blessed Be

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  7. Linda Bannen

    Diane it has been a privilege to be a part of your journey and a prayer warrior for you! You are a fierce, strong woman! I am very happy that you are celebrating 15 months with your new heart in spite of all the setbacks. My prayers continue for you, be well, have that cry. You are truly a miracle! Love you!❤️ When you are well enough you need to write a cookbook with all your recipes! I for one will be on the front of the line to buy one! 🙏🙏❤️🥰



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