Holiday Cookie Recipe Announcement

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Hi Everyone, 

I am so thrilled and excited to share this news with you.

Once again, I am happy to say that DishingwithDiane has been featured in a magazine article.

This time, a variety of my Christmas Cookies are featured in the

Holiday issue of The List Magazine LI.  (pages 23 -25).

It is such an honor for me to be included in this issue and part of this great publication.

 I suggest you read this magazine from cover to cover. It is a pleasure to read, especially if you live on Long Island, NY.

Photo Dec 18, 11 13 42 PM COOKIE COVER

Here is the article…

If you have the chance to make only one of the cookies, my suggestion would be to make the Amaretto Raspberry Shortbread Cookies – it happens to be my favorite cookie, and it was a big hit last year in my house.

The best jam to use for this cookie is …

Bonne Maman – Raspberry Preserves (available in many supermarkets).

Photo Dec 18, 10 01 05 PM COOKIE RECIPE PAGE 2

Photo Dec 18, 10 01 29 PM COOKIES PAGE 3

The recipes for the cookies featured in the article, and more are in the link below.

This is the link to all of my Christmas Cookie Collection Recipes posted from a previous blog from December 2017 for you to enjoy!

I hope you try some of the recipes and make them part of your holiday tradition!

Have a very joyous Holiday and a blessed New Year !

Until my next post, make every day a celebration!

Stay well, 


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10 thoughts on “Holiday Cookie Recipe Announcement

  1. Cathy Stirrat

    Once again you continue to amaze me! I loved seeing your recipes in the actual high quality printed magazine. Just like you, the article was done with class! I am glad that you made a recommendation for the Amaretto Raspberry Shortbread cookies, since I had no idea which one to attempt first. Looking forward to tasting them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loretta Lawrence

    Diane I love your blog, its detail, great recipes and you. Been trying to get in the spirit and have been watching all the Italian nonna’s cooking shows. Today I am making my mamas tartare cookies (annissete cookies). Will post after they are done. Looking for a good Tarelli recipe with pepper and caraway seeds. My aunt Anna was the queen of those. Never got her recipe but I know she boiled first then baked. Do you happen to have a recipe for Tarelli. Love and always thinking of you. Loretta

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    1. aries041158 Post author

      Thank you Cathy, you are an angel to me. I know you will LOVE the shortbread cookies. They were my new addition to last years cookies and they were a keeper from the first bite. They are best with the Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves. Let me know if you make them. Another great cookie on the blog, not in the article is Cannoli cookies- you will like those too. Love you cugina.


    2. aries041158 Post author

      Thank you Loretta, I am so glad that you like the blog, that makes my day. …. I love anisette cookies, can’t wait to see your post….Unfortunately, I don’t have a tarelli recipe. My mom loved those too and I never wrote down her recipe either. If I come across one that looks good (and easy) I will send it to you. Merry Christmas, Diane


  3. Emilie

    Hi. I love your blog. I love baking cookies but I hesitate to try new recipes. I’m planning on trying the amaretto raspberry shortbread cookies after Christmas. I was wondering where I can get a copy of The List? Please let me know so I can enjoy reading it. Have a wonderful Holiday. Emilie


    1. aries041158 Post author

      Hi Emilie, Do you live on Long Island? It is a magazine for Long Island readers and is at local restaurants featured in the magazine and the library. If you aren’t a Long Islander then please send me your address and I will ask the editor for another copy and I will mail it to you.

      The shortbread cookies are my favorite and the jam I recommended puts the cookie over the top.

      Don’t worry, you will definitely get a copy…Merry Christmas, Diane


  4. Emilie

    Hi Diane. I do live on Long Island and will try to get a copy next time I’m at a local restaurant . Thank for your response. Have a wonderful holiday. Emilie


    1. aries041158 Post author

      Forum Diner in Bay Shore has them, Bay Shore Library, Horace and Sylvia’s in Babylon, Brightwaters Deli…if you can’t find one, let me know. I am not sure how long they will be out for



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