Easter Bunny Breakfast

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Hi Everyone,

Many of you who know me personally, know that I can get an inspiration for a tablescape from the oddest sources. (Remember the garage sale juke box that led to the 1950’s tablescape?). Well you won’t believe this inspiration.

I surprised myself.

I was recently shopping in my favorite grocery store, “Wegmans” and the inspiration hit me. I could give you a million guesses and you just won’t believe this.

Hint, I was in the dairy section. Give up?


Yes, I said butter. I passed the butter section and there was the cutest little butter sculpture of a bunny right in front of me. I turned around and said to Bob, “Wouldn’t this be adorable with my bunny dishes for an Easter breakfast?”

Of course there was silence from Bob, just a smile; because he is used to me getting these crazy ideas for a tablescape and he goes along with everything.

Love that man!

And with that, the Easter Bunny Breakfast tablescape was born.

I am posting this tablescape today because I already set my table for Easter breakfast and I will be too busy tomorrow to stop and take pictures.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter filled with many blessings, good food, and precious family and friends. 

Photo Apr 15, 11 08 32 AM.jpg BUFFET


Here is the photo of the Bunny butter sculpture before I unwrapped it, in case you want to look for it in your grocery store.

The company is Keller’s Creamery. 

Photo Apr 15, 10 50 30 AM.jpg BUTTER IN A BOX

Okay, let’s get started.

 I wanted a neutral tablecloth, so I am using a new purchase, a burlap tablecloth.

Photo Apr 15, 3 02 09 AM.jpg BURLAP TABLECLOTH

I was thinking bunnies out in a garden, so just for some fun, I used silk cabbage placemats. I bought them in Pier 1 last year and I never had the chance to use them.

(I think they are available again this year.)

The cabbage placemats will be used with glass chargers so you can really see the cabbage placemat.

Photo Apr 15, 9 40 32 AM.jpg CABBAGE PLACEMAT

Photo Apr 15, 9 41 34 AM.jpg CHARGER PLATE

For breakfast I decided not to use napkins and instead use 13 X 13  green cotton dish towels along with silk cabbage napkin holders that match the placemats.

Photo Apr 15, 1 38 54 AM.jpg NAPKIN AND HOLDER

Now the dishes….

I am using goldenrod dinner plates. I think this color picks up the color on the bunny salad plates. 

Photo Apr 15, 9 46 00 AM.jpg GOLDENROD PLATE

This dinner plate is a 10 inch plate rather than the usual 11 inch dinner plate. I like this size when using a glass charger because it allows you to see the rim of the charger and it’s design.

Photo Apr 15, 10 52 44 AM.jpg PLATE CHARGER PLACEMAT

The salad plates are the cutest.

Various designs of bunnies in different poses surrounded by flowers welcoming spring.

These are by Susan Winget. I love her designs.

The dishes are porcelain with a solid creme background with brown bunnies and soft shades of green and yellow flowers.

Just perfect for the occasion.

Photo Apr 15, 10 03 28 AM.jpg BUNNY DISHES

Flatware will be my ever-day set of gold and silver.

Photo Apr 15, 9 39 50 AM.jpg FLATWARE

I am using matching mugs to the salad plates. 

Photo Apr 15, 10 46 08 AM.jpg MUGS

And to serve breakfast, a green ceramic cabbage serving bowl and a cabbage platter.

Photo Apr 15, 10 58 34 AM.jpg CABBAGE BOWL

Photo Apr 15, 10 59 54 AM.jpg CABBAGE PLATTER

Now for the centerpiece… It’s that time of year again when my adorable white ceramic bunnies come down from the attic. You will see these bunnies on all of my Easter tablescapes.

Photo Apr 15, 10 41 47 AM.jpg SITTING BUNNY

Photo Apr 15, 10 41 10 AM.jpg STANDING BUNNY

Since the bunnies on the salad plates are surrounded by flowers, I am adding some flowers to the table. Nice and cheery.

Bob and Michael bought me these flowers for Easter.

Photo Apr 15, 10 38 39 AM.jpg FLOWERS

Completed Centerpiece

Photo Apr 15, 11 13 08 AM.jpg CENTERPIECE

And for a few table accents, I am starting with the adorable white porcelain  “LOVE bunnies” ….. Clover and Poppy.

They too make an appearance on all my Easter tablescapes.

Photo Apr 15, 1 37 25 AM.jpg POPPY AND CLOVER

My table accents continue with a few salt and pepper shaker sets…

A bunny with a flower pot & a crate of carrots.

I love using salt and pepper shakers as a decoration on the table. Small enough not to be in the way, yet they keep the theme going.

Photo Apr 15, 3 40 43 AM.jpg BUNNY AND FLOWER SP

Photo Apr 15, 2 53 29 AM.jpg----CARROT SP

My white ceramic bunny bowl that is usually filled with jelly beans will be filled with some paper carrot table scatter.

The carrot scatter is another Pier 1 find and too cute. Plus, I think I have already eaten enough jelly beans this week- a weakness.

Photo Apr 15, 2 58 10 AM.jpg Bunny scatter 2

 A few additional cloth carrot trios on the table and I have enough carrots.

Photo Apr 15, 1 40 17 AM.jpg CARROT TRIO

And the star of our show, the “Bunny Butter Sculpture”.

Delicately placed on it’s very own white ceramic bunny shaped plate surrounded by butter lettuce (“butter” lettuce- get it, I couldn’t help myself).

Photo Apr 15, 1 37 01 BUNNY PLATE FOR BUTTER

Photo Apr 15, 10 56 13 AM.jpg BUTTER

(I really hate to use it, it is so cute).

Now breakfast…

This year I will be making a “Dutch Baby”

(see previous post on 4/2/17 for the recipe)

Photo Feb 14, 9 48 14 AM.jpg MY DUTCH BABY

along with some scrambled eggs and the usual Williams Sonoma croissants.

I have to tell you, I cannot be the first person to use the butter….. 


It has been a pleasure sharing this Easter Breakfast tablescape with all of you.

Once again, have a very Happy Easter, Buona Pasqua in Italian!

Until my next post, make every day a celebration!

Stay well,


Place Setting

Photo Apr 15, 11 15 24 AM.jpg PLACE SETTING

Table Details

 Burlap tablecloth from Amazon

Green dishtowels from DII @ Amazon

Silk cabbage napkin rings from Pier 1

Cabbage placemats from Pier 1

Ceramic cabbage serving bowl from Pier 1

Ceramic cabbage platter from Pier 1

Glass charger plates from Crate and Barrel   

Goldenrod dinner plate from Dollar Tree

Bunny salad plates from Susan Winget Designs

Flatware – from every day set

Mugs from Susan Winget Designs

Two white ceramic bunnies from Pottery Barn

Carrot table scatter from Pier 1

Cloth carrot trio from Pier 1

White ceramic bunny candy dish from Target

Bunny and flower pot salt and pepper shakers from Pier 1

Crate of carrots salt and pepper shakers from Pier 1

White ceramic bunny shaped salad plates from Pottery Barn

Love Bunnies from Pier 1

Bunny butter sculpture from “Keller’s Creamery” in the dairy aisle at Wegmans


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8 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Breakfast

  1. Nancy Woronowich

    Great job, Diane. Always beautiful, creative and fun to look at all the details of your tablescapes. Happy Easter to you, Bob and Michael.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lizabeth57

    You pulled together a pretty Easter tablescape! Love each detai! I used a couple of those butter bunnies one year and after a while they melted on the plate! LOL…


    1. aries041158 Post author

      I am so glad that you liked the tablescape and sorry to hear about the melting butter bunnies. Although my butter didn’t melt completely, after a little while being out it started to look more like a duck. I hope you continue to read the blog, thanks for visiting. Stay well, Diane



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