Apple Jalapeno Chicken Wings


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Hi Everyone,

I prepared Apple Jalapeno Chicken Wings and I just wanted to share this quick recipe with you. This recipe is good for a no fuss weeknight meal, served with a salad or as an appetizer when you have guests.

Wait until you hear how I found this recipe…

A few years back, as one of my birthday gifts, my husband took me to the Stonewall Kitchen Headquarters in York, Maine to their Cooking School for cooking classes.

I always wanted to go and Bob made it happen.

April 2011 234  STONEWALL SIGN


The classes are demonstration only, not hands on. (I was very grateful for this because I am not sure my knife skills are up to par with the chefs).

April 2011 284 KITCHEN


I was READY to learn !

April 2011 279- SEATED

The class Bob signed me up for included Crustless Quiche, Pasta Primavera, Apple Jalapeno Chicken Wings plus various desserts.

After the demonstration, everyone is handed a recipe booklet with the days recipes and invited to gather around for lunch to sample everything that was prepared. I met a great group of people and had a wonderful experience.

We not only had a great group, we also had a wonderful chef who was really a joy to watch and listen to. If it wasn’t so far a trip for me, I would have loved to attend another class of hers.

April 2011 299 WITH CHEF


If you ever have the opportunity to attend a cooking class, by all means take it. It doesn’t have to be Stonewall Kitchen in York Maine, but find a local class. Sur La Table has cooking classes all the time. It truly is a lot of fun and all the chefs give you their secret culinary tips.



I know the sign says, “Spring is Here”, but it was still a little cool for Spring in Maine,  in April.

April 2011 261 - OUTSIDE CLASS


The Company Store and Cafe is where you can buy all Stonewall Kitchen products and have a great lunch or snack.

April 2011 256- COMPANY STORE


The Cooking School also includes a viewing area to watch all the products being made and packaged.

April 2011 255- SCHOOL ENTRANCE

Thanks Bob for a wonderful weekend and wonderful birthday gift !

April 2011 301 ME AND BOB


We made the rest of the weekend a mini vacation and had a wonderful time.

Here are a few of our pictures…

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And now for the recipe…

Apple Jalapeno Chicken Wings

I just LOVE five ingredient recipes.

2016-04-27 15.26.22- INGREDIENTS


  • 1 cup Stonewall Kitchen Apple Jalapeno Jelly
  • ½ cup water
  • ¼- ½ cup bourbon (I used 1/2 cup)
  • 2 Tbsp. butter
  • 2 pounds chicken wings


  1. In a food processor, puree the Stonewall Kitchen Apple Jalapeno Jelly.
  2. In a large skillet place the Stonewall Kitchen Apple Jalapeno Jelly, water, bourbon, and butter over medium heat. When melted stir until uniform.
  3. Add the chicken wings. Cover and simmer 15 minutes. Remove lid and simmer another 30 minutes, turning the wings several times. The sauce should thicken, but do not allow to burn.
  4. Remove wings and finish under the broiler until golden brown. Serve hot with reserved sauce from skillet.

Step by Step Slideshow Directions…

(starting with the 1 cup of measured jalapeno jelly picture)

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And that is all there is to it. This is great if you just want a change from the usual Buffalo wing sauce.

2016-04-27 17.20.41- CLOSE UP


Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Until my next post, make every day a celebration!


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3 thoughts on “Apple Jalapeno Chicken Wings

  1. Jeanmarie

    Diane,,, your dishes are beautifully prepared as well as presented. That cooking class surely paid off. I love your quick and easy ideas,,, from good old comfort food to the more indulgent,,, everything you cook is amazing. Thank you for sharing your secrets and passion for cooking,,,


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