A Night at the Oscars

2016-02-27 22.31.12  INTRO

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Hi Everyone,

Well, we are in the middle of the award season and the Academy Awards are here.

February 28, 2016

88th Academy Awards

I have to admit, in the past year I didn’t get a chance to see all the movies that are up for an Academy Award, but I never miss the red carpet arrivals on Oscar Sunday. The fashionista in me comes out while looking at all the celebrities in their haute couture outfits.

The red carpet is my favorite part of the evening.

But no matter how many movies I have or haven’t seen, Oscar night is a time to celebrate along with Hollywood and Oscar deserves a tablescape all his own.

2016-02-27 19.51.14- CLOSE UP

So let’s start.

Instead of ushering in the red carpet, I am ushering in a red tablecloth and napkins. I used the rhinestone napkin rings once again. I love the sparkle.

2016-02-27 19.24.45- TC AND NAPKINS use this


For this tablescape, I am using a runner; something I very rarely use but I couldn’t resist because it is a film strip.

2016-02-27 22.33.43   RUNNER


The chargers for tonight will be gold of course, just like Oscar himself and the plates will be black.

2016-02-27 19.29.39 chargers plates USE this


To add to the theme, I bought paper dessert plates in a red, black, silver and gold movie reel and stars design.

2016-02-27 19.27.49- DESSERT PLATE   use this


Special nights deserve special glassware, so I am using red martini glasses to match the red carpet.

2016-02-27 19.28.33- MARTINI GLASS- use this


I put a beverage napkin, same colors as the dessert plates with a popcorn bucket design under each glass instead of a coaster.

2016-02-27 19.27.10- BEVERAGE NAPKIN  use this


The flatware will be gold and silver.

2016-02-27 19.25.54  FLATWARE - use this


At each place setting I have included a set of “Hollywood” sunglasses. I have seen some celebrities wear their sunglasses both day/night and indoor/outdoor; so I had to include these on the table.

2016-02-27 19.31.43  SUNGLASSES  USE this


All my guests are always winners to me, so at each place setting all my guests get an Oscar statue as a party favor.

2016-02-27 19.44.01  OSCAR  use thuis


Now on to the centerpiece. What comes to mind when we go out to the movies ?…To me it would be popcorn and candy, so that had to be part of my centerpiece.

I decided to get a little crafty and make bowls out of movie ticket rolls. I saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I am the last person to take on a craft project but it didn’t look too difficult.

I was so excited to start, I forgot to take a picture of my ticket rolls when they were flat, so here is a stock photo of a roll to give you a better idea of one of the supplies I needed to start the project.


(photo courtesy of hello.etix.com)

So with my rolls of tickets, sponge brushes, level and bottle of Mod Podge, I set out making bowls. It wasn’t difficult and Mod Podge is my new best friend.

2016-02-25 00.20.48- PARTY TICKET BOWLS


Now that the bowls are finished, I needed to fill them, so I bought movie size candy boxes for two bowls and popcorn for the third. 

2016-02-27 19.40.24  GOLD BOWL

2016-02-27 19.40.06 POPCORN BOWL

2016-02-27 19.39.58 - WHITE BOWL


I displayed the bowls on a three tiered cake server.

2016-02-27 22.34.50  3 TIER


And now the centerpiece is complete, with the addition of a clapboard cutout.

2016-02-28 03.31.28  CENTERPIECE LAST


A few table accents and we are almost done.

 The first table accent I chose was my old Nikon camera that I haven’t used since I started using the camera in my cell phone. 

I decided to take it out of storage and give it a place on the table for old time’s sake.

Along with the camera, something every paparazzi photographer needs at all times would be a VIP back stage access pass.

2016-02-27 22.27.07  NIKON


The next table accents for me are movie reel designed coasters. 

Instead of using them as intended, I decided to use them as photo frames with pictures of old movie stars and displayed them on lucite tabletop easels.

The photos are of movie stars that I loved.

Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorites- LOVE everything about her; along with Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. 

2016-02-27 19.38.08 COASTERS


I found this great film strip ribbon and draped it around the centerpiece. 

2016-02-27 22.27.59  FILM RIBBON


And lastly, some “Hollywood movie night” metallic confetti including movie reels, stars and popcorn containers and some Oscar danglers for my dining room fixture.

2016-02-27 19.34.09- CONFETTI

2016-02-27 19.52.20 - OSCAR DANGLERS


After our dinner tonight, 

the Academy Awards menu for Bob and I will be hors ‘d oeuvres.

2016-02-28 00.09.00 hors 'deouvres

It’s not catered by Wolfgang Puck, but it will do.

So I am now ready to sit back, relax and watch the Academy Awards.

If you plan on watching, enjoy the show…

Place Setting

2016-02-27 22.54.02- PLACE SETTING USE

Table Details

Red tablecloth from Linens and Things

Red napkins from Linens and Things

Gold chargers from Pier 1

Black plates from Kohl’s

Paper theme dessert plates and beverage napkins from Party City

Gold and Silver flatware- everyday set

Red goblets from Crate and Barrel

Access pass and Film Reel ribbon from Amazon

Film Reel table runner from Party City

Oscar statues, danglers and confetti from Party City

Sunglasses from Oriental Trading

Centerpiece movie ticket bowls-supplies from Oriental Trading

Movie coasters from Amazon

Lucite easels- prior purchase

Tiered cake stand from Michael’s Arts and Crafts

Until my next post, make every day a celebration!


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10 thoughts on “A Night at the Oscars

  1. Linda

    As always Diane your “Night at the Oscars” tablescapes is fantastic! You thought of everything, even a film strip! I am impressed! You take such care in setting your whole theme it shows how much you enjoy doing this and sharing! And the Oscar goes to “Diane Kantor” for her tablescapes!

    Liked by 1 person

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