Centerpiece Ideas- “Ladies Birthday”

Dishing With Diane

Diane's 50th Birthday 019 for blog(click photos to enlarge)

Here and there I will be posting ideas for centerpieces and I wanted to share this one with you. It is very dear to my heart and was the centerpiece at my 50th birthday party (not that long ago)

I saw these Zebra handbag COOKIE JARS one afternoon while shopping in Neiman Marcus and knew I had to buy them immediately. This had to be a sign from God. Two of my favorite things -animal prints and handbags wrapped up in one. So yes, cookie jars were the inspiration for my birthday centerpieces. I bought all they had and brought them to the florist to be filled with some of my favorite flowers.

The big tip I can give you here is “think outside the box” for your decorations and party plans. Every centerpiece that involves flowers does not have to be a vase(remember the…

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